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Connecting for Collective Care

NowPow networks take all shapes and sizes. A large integrated health or other human services system uses NowPow to create an internal referral network to drive utilization of resources inside their own four walls. We support groups of organizations working together on a specific impact objective like helping youth thrive or supporting caregivers of people with dementia. And, we can deliver integrated and intensive care across an entire community.

Connecting for <nobr>Collective Care</nobr>

Scaling Community Networks

NowPow’s suite of products is built to power up collective care across communities so all people get access to the vital resources they need to stay well, manage with chronic disease or care for others. With our platform, all community stakeholders can participate in collective care.

  • Onboard large senders to PowRx

    Deploying NowPow’s technology into the workflows of large referral senders is a first priority. Based on Dr. Lindau’s research, we recommend a “fluoride in the water” approach—everyone served by the large referral sender gets a personalized HealtheRx at every visit. Prevent problems before they occur. Raise resource awareness in a community. Activate people to help each other. Create data and insights that then inform scaling.

  • Seed free CommRx in the community

    We offer NowPow’s free community product, CommRx, to any organization willing to keep their NowPow profile up to date. The CommRx product allows partnering organizations to generate Shared referrals for their clients and positions them to accept Tracked and Coordinated referrals.

  • Activate higher touch bi-directional connections across network partners

    For people who need the higher touch level of support that Tracked and Coordinated Referrals provide, NowPow turns on the bi-directional referral and communication functionality embedded into our products.

  • Deploy self serve FindRx

    With our FindRx product, people can make their own self-care referrals. Whether in a waiting area on a tablet, in the pharmacy on a kiosk or on a website, FindRx adds another NowPow point of entry.

Interesting Interventions

Facilitating Seamless Workflows for Community Referral Partners Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities

The Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities (MACC), in partnership with Allina Health and Children’s Minnesota, is partnering with NowPow to increase efficiency and create seamless workflows in clinical-community referral connections. Using the FHIR ServiceRequest API (http://hl7.org/fhir/servicerequest.html), NowPow and ClientTrack (through Eccovia Solutions) will integrate such that community-based organizations will receive notifications for new referrals from healthcare partners within their primary source system. The NowPow-ClientTrack integration is a critical step forward in leveling the playing field for all referral partners in the Minnesota caring ecosystem and has been the result of a year of collaborative conversation around clinical-community partnerships.

Improving behavioral health support for Medicaid patientsNorthwell Health

Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider, is using NowPow to support its care coordination program, Health Home, which includes 1,200 Medicaid patients with behavioral health needs. NowPow users identify patients’ most urgent social determinants of health needs, and NowPow uses custom condition algorithms and matching logic to recommend community organizations and services that can provide relevant help. In coordinating assistance, NowPow also takes into account patients’ geographic location, eligibility for services, languages spoken and other factors.

Both Northwell Health providers and the community partners have access to NowPow’s platform, allowing them to share, track and coordinate referrals. NowPow closes the loop on referrals, telling Northwell Health and community partners if patients successfully connect to services.

Not only can Northwell Health support patients more effectively, but the partnership with NowPow will also help the system better target future community health investments.

Addressing SDOH as a partnership between a Health System and Community Organizations NYC HEALTH + HOSPITALS / ONECITY HEALTH

NYC Health + Hospitals, New York City’s public hospital system, and OneCity Health, a network of organizations convened for the NYS Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program, have collaborated with hundreds of partners to provide NowPow access across the city. Staff members from over 35 NYC Health + Hospitals facilities, NYC Health + Hospitals affiliates (e.g. MetroPlus, its managed care plan and Correctional Health Services) and over 100 OneCity Health partner organizations use NowPow to find the right resources to address unmet social meets for individuals they serve. At NYC Health + Hospitals Gotham Health / Gouverneur in Manhattan, the Pediatrics department is facilitating patient facing social determinants screening using NowPow and connecting families to community resources based on the needs identified. At NYC Health + Hospitals / Lincoln in the Bronx, health advocate volunteers connect patients to SNAP, health insurance, and legal services using NowPow’s tracked referral feature which promotes visibility into the referral outcome. NYC Health + Hospitals / Kings County in Brooklyn also launched an eviction-prevention intervention which involves using NowPow to screen and refer eligible patients to a homelessness-prevention program.

Advancing the Science of Self CareALLINA HEALTH

NowPow supports Allina Health with their work under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accountable Health Communities (AHC) award. With NowPow seamlessly integrated into Allina’s Epic EHR system, Allina users screen patients to identify health-related social needs and close the gap between clinical and community service providers.

Publicly insured patients who reside in target geographies and self-identify as having one or more social need such as food, housing, utilities, transportation and safety, receive a tailored list of community resources (HealtheRx). HealtheRxs are included in the After Visit Summary and shared with the patient at the point of care, made accessible via the patient portal and saved in the patient’s electronic health record.


Rush University Medical Center has implemented NowPow to support their strategy to care for the “whole person” across their entire system. Rush partnered with NowPow to launch a seamless EPIC-NowPow integrated workflow where over 500 case workers, social workers and other staff members identify patients’ social needs using an enterprise-wise screening, share highly matched referrals with patients and caregivers and close the loop on care with community-based partners. Rush has implemented NowPow in the ER, primary care practices, inpatient medicine and community-based settings. Rush is leveraging NowPow’s closed loop referral technology to connect patients to resources that address their full breadth of social and clinical needs in the community.

Improving Access to Cancer Detection, Prevention and CareYALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH

Yale Cancer Center and the Yale School of Public Health are taking steps to address health inequities in cancer detection, prevention, and care. The Cancer Disparities Firewall Project targets an underserved population at high risk for cancer in New Haven. The Firewall team utilizes NowPow’s screening functionality to screen for basic social needs. Once needs are identified, NowPow’s resource matching logic generates a HealtheRx, which includes a listed set of community-based resources personalized to the patient’s unique health and social conditions. Patients with identified needs are connected with a cancer care navigator who uses NowPow to document, follow up, and provide additional cancer care resources. By not only identifying barriers to care, but also providing resources and follow up, the Yale Cancer Disparities Firewall is engaging patients around cancer prevention and early detection.

Addressing Food InsecurityCHILDREN'S MINNESOTA

Children’s Minnesota is leveraging NowPow to make highly matched referrals for patients and their families, track resource usage across its two hospital locations, and strengthen partnerships with community providers.
Children’s is currently using NowPow’s closed-loop referral technology with their internal Family Resource Center to address food insecurity among patients and their families. They have seen a rise in families’ access to emergency food resources, an increase from 40% to 83%, and will be launching additional community-based closed-loop referral partners with NowPow.

New York’s Largest Not-for-Profit Health Insurer Leverages NowPow to Address SDOH NeedsHEALTHFIRST

Healthfirst, a not-for-profit health insurer servicing nearly 1.4 million members in the New York City area, uses the NowPow platform to address social determinants of health (SDOH) needs. Healthfirst care managers use NowRx’s custom-condition algorithm to find highly matched resources for their members across the five Boroughs. This allows Healthfirst to better understand their member population and provide quality shared referrals in the community.

An HIE for Coordinated ReferralsTRENTON HEALTH TEAM

The Trenton Health Team is a community health improvement collaborative serving Trenton, New Jersey. Together with key health partners, they have integrated NowPow with their Health Information Exchange (HIE), allowing healthcare professionals from different organizations to work collectively on behalf of patients and promoting visibility into the patients’ care while reducing the potential for redundant screenings and referrals. By consolidating activity into a unified self care record, NowPow helps users seamlessly identify patients’ health and social needs, share highly matched referrals with patients, and close the loop on care with a growing network of over twenty-five community based organizations.


NowPow supports the Health Coalition of Passaic County with their Pathways to Success care coordination program, based on the AHRQ Pathways Community HUB model. In coordination with over forty organizations, serving the greater Passaic County area, the program targets patients at highest risk for poor health outcomes. The NowPow platform has streamlined the process throughout the community to better align community resources to assist in meeting patients’ needs and connecting them with well-matched referrals. Additionally, HCPC is leveraging NowPow’s needs and tracked referral functionality to track patient follow-up and close the loop on care with community based organizations.

A Health Plan Connecting People to Resources in their CommunitiesUCARE

UCare is a nonprofit health plan that employs NowPow’s platform to share community resources with single adults, families and children and people with disabilities in Minnesota. UCare takes a unique approach as a health plan by using NowPow’s self-service platform, FindRx at community events and mobile medical clinic screenings. Current health plan members and potential members can use FindRx to explore resources within their community. By empowering members to identify their needs and utilize NowPow’s hyperlocal directory, UCare motivates members to seek out services. In addition to the self-serve tool, UCare case managers and navigators use NowRx to generate a list of resources for members to overcome any barriers in managing their ongoing care.

Innovative Partnership to Addressing Social NeedsPARTNERS IN CARE

Partners in Care (PIC) is the collaborative partnership between The Physician Alliance and Ascension Southeast Michigan, working to provide coordinated care in Michigan. Utilizing the NowPow platform, PIC leverages NowPow’s screening functionality and built in custom condition algorithms to generate and share well matched resources with their patients to address social determinants of health needs. PIC also aims to use NowPow data as a means of analyzing the most common needs impacting their patients and potential resource gaps.

An Opportunity Youth Resource NetworkTHRIVE

Thrive Chicago uses NowPow to support their community-based Reconnection Hubs. A Reconnection Hub helps Opportunity Youth (young people ages 16-24 who are out of school and out of work) access the resources they need to achieve reconnection back to work or school. NowPow streamlines resource referrals and allows multiple organizations to coordinate care within a unified referral platform, which contributes to seamless connections between system providers.

Connecting the UninsuredCOMMUNITY HEALTH

CommunityHealth, the largest volunteer-based free medical clinic in the nation, delivers high-quality care at no cost to low-income, uninsured patients. The CommunityHealth staff utilizes NowPow in many ways! At CommunityHealth, NowPow is leveraged to close the loop on referrals sent from Rush Medical Center. By streamlining this process, the organization has seen a significant decrease in the appointment no-show rate. The CommunityHealth team also uses NowPow to share highly matched service referrals with their patients and have noticed an improvement in their patients’ diabetes management. They are looking forward to quantifying these results in future evaluations. Stay tuned!

Hyperlocal Resources

At the heart of NowPow is a comprehensive, credible local resource directory that reflects the unique assets of each community. We are happy to partner with local directories or build our own when needed. Our indexing allows our referrals to comprehend eligibility to ensure referral success.

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