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Updated 8/27/20

NowPow Customers:

We want to update you on the actions we’re taking to support you and your communities during this critical time.

Ensure referral quality 

We have applied the COVID-19 status tags for Vital Emergency Resource (VER) services across the NowPow platform functionality. Linked is our latest product updates.

  • The in-app banner indicates we are updating our directory. Select markets have custom banners.
  • As a reminder, the COVID-19 Status tags indicate regular operations, delivery, pickup, phone/virtual, service unavailable, pending verification and unable to verify.
  • Service updates are reflected via COVID-19 Status tags that are visible within the eRx tab, eRx PDFs, Service search, Service detail page, and when making referrals through the Patients tab.
  • The COVID-19 Status filter allows you to select the specific COVID-19 statuses you wish to see.

We are rapidly and repeatedly updating our resource directory, which now reflects the current COVID-19 operating status for more than 65,000 community services in 15 geographies.

  • All VER services in all NowPow geographies have been updated to reflect their COVID-19 operating status.
  • We plan a bi-weekly cadence of updates for all geographies, with a more frequent cadence for priority VER services (e.g., food) and/or entire geographies that have frequent changes to CBO operating statuses.
  • If you know of key resource aggregators in your community, please contact your account manager.

Extend care across communities 

We are making it easy for you to deploy NowRx, our one-way referral tool, across large groups of users.

  • We created a rapid sign-on process that enables contracted customers to activate new NowRx users (e.g. care providers, temporary workers or volunteers) by simply texting or emailing them a secure link. From there, the user just signs up for NowPow and can start using on any device, desktop, tablet or phone. This link can also be embedded on your intranet.
  • Within our platform, new users can now access a short training video to quickly learn how to make referrals.
  • Here’s a one-pager with more details about using NowRx in Emergencies.

We are supporting your community-based partners with CommRx.

  • We have added functionality to our FREE digital referral tool (CommRx) for community-based organizations making it easy for them to quickly and easily refer clients to additional services – both within and outside their organization.
  • Here’s our CommRx Connector ToolBx, which makes it super easy for you to spread the word about CommRx to your community partners. It includes social posts, a one-pager, and a template email and slide.

We are launching FindRx so you can give your community direct access to search NowPow’s Platform.

  • We are making it possible for you to embed a secure link to FindRx on your website, or you can text/email the link. This link allows people direct access to NowPow’s personalized community referral platform.
  • More details about FindRx and how it can help those in your community are coming soon.

Meet rising needs 

We are working to aggregate new food resources and distribution points in NowPow.

  • Because food is the highest priority need at this time, we are working to have NowPow serve as a comprehensive hub for all information and data for food assistance resources. Our Resource Directory already reflects the current operating status for thousands of food-related services and we can readily ingest additional and new services that are starting to be formed.
  • We are actively seeking data partners for this initiative, so please let your account manager know if you can make any connections.

We are rigorously analyzing our data.

  • We are committed to helping you assess needs, as well as supply and demand. We’ll be sharing information and insights soon.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager. Our Product Support team is also available at, with phone support Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CDT at (773) 729-1433.

Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep people connected to vital resources during this time.

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