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Community-Based Organizations: 

We know you face a tremendous challenge as you work to care for your community right now. NowPow is here to help you extend care to meet rising needs.

Our referral platform can help you connect your community with vital information and services, validated with updated availability during the COVID-19 crisis, so they can stay well, meet basic needs, manage with illness and care for others.

CBOs in NowPow geographies* can access our platform for free using our CommRx tool.

CommRx gives you complete access to our comprehensive resource inventory and the ability to quickly and easily refer people to additional services highly matched to their needs. Vital Emergency Resource services are continuously being updated during the COVID-19 crisis.

We created a free evidence-based COVID-19 impact screening that allows users to quickly identify essential needs related to the adverse impact of COVID-19 and automatically map those needs to highly matched vital emergency services NowPow has validated as open and operating right now.

To assist during this crisis, we’ve added our texting/email functionality to CommRx. For additional information about CommRx capabilities, click here.

If you’d like FREE access to CommRx:

Email “sign me up” to and we’ll send you an agreement.

If you’re already using CommRx:

Email with any questions related to enhanced functionality at this time.

If you’d like to tell other CBOs in your community about CommRx:

Visit our CommRx Connector ToolBx, it includes social posts, and a template email and slide.

If you want to update your resource information:

Update Resource Information

*Our initial efforts focus on geographies hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis, but will expand in the future: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, and Washington D.C.