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NowPow makes easy to connect people to the right community resources so everyone can stay well, meet basic needs manage with illness and care for others.

Connect & Protect™

As COVID-19 variants become more dominant, we must ensure equitable access to vaccines, broad uptake in vaccinations and complete transparency. NowPow’s community referral platform can strengthen these efforts while deepening impact across communities.

Connect & Protect™

Connect & Protect™ for CBOs

Community-based organizations are among the most trusted health resources in their neighborhoods, connecting people to health and human social services across their communities. Many CBOs are already working hard to raise vaccine awareness, address hesitancy, and overcome access barriers, but they need more support to amplify these efforts.

NowPow is expanding its free CommRx referral tool to include its Connect & Protect™ features to support the vaccination efforts of CBOs.

  • Banner Language
  • Vaccine messaging on every eRx, including important regional vaccine hotlines and websites
  • Connect & Protect™ condition algorithm to quickly share personalized resources, including transportation and child care, to overcome barriers to vaccine uptake

How to achieve vital health objectives

  • Build Trust: Communicate and Educate

    Frame vaccination as a vital community resource.

  • Reduce Access Barriers

    Identify and address barriers to vaccination at the individual and community level.

  • Promote Efficiency for All

    Reinforce seamless, streamlined workflows throughout vaccination support activities to reduce burdens and expand reach.

  • Understand Impact

    Use NowPow’s powerful data to gain insights into potential vaccination and pandemic-related inequities in an effort to prevent further disparities.

How Can CBOs Take Advantage of CommRx Connect & Protect™?

CommRx Connect & Protect™ is free for up to 20 users. Existing users simply need to email “Connect and Protect” to to promptly receive a platform update. New users can quickly sign up at

Quickly Find and Share Vaccination Support Resources

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