March 24th, 2020

Dear NowPow Partners,

In this turbulent time, our work – helping people find and connect to the right community resources – has never been more important. Not only can it help ensure people’s health and economic needs are met, it can also help relieve the strain on our healthcare system.

NowPow is working to get our personalized community referral platform into the hands of as many care providers, rapid responders and volunteers as possible. And we’re doing this without compromising on referral quality.

We believe referral quality matters now more than ever. We must ensure no one is directed to resources that are unable to serve them.

After meeting with city and business leaders, health systems, health plans, community partners and public agencies across the country, we undertook these 5 actions to make the greatest and most immediate impact during this crisis:

1. Be Focused

We identified Vital Emergency Resource (VER) services to prioritize those most critical to community health and economic stability right now. We did this using our own information and analytics as well as incorporating 311 search insights and FEMA Recovering from Disaster guidelines.

2. Be Clear

We created filterable COVID-19 Status Tags within our technology so users know their referral will have the highest likelihood of success. Referrers can see if community organizations offering VER services are operating regularly, doing delivery, pickup or virtual/phone services, or if services are currently unavailable.

3. Be Current

We initiated a Rapid Resource Verification process, so our platform reflects the most up-to-date COVID-19 information possible for VER services. By the end of this week, we will have updated key geographies in New York, New Jersey and Illinois. We are developing a framework that will then be duplicated in our other geographies.

4. Be Easy                   

We expanded the functionality for our free tool for community-based organizations in our geographies to make it easy to extend care. Now these organizations can text or email people to quickly refer services they may not provide. (Email to learn more.)    

5. Be Scalable

We quickly took actions to scale our mobile one-way referral tool to large groups of care responders and volunteers by offering expedited onboarding and virtual training. Used with or without a screening, users can find and connect people to highly matched resources. We are also creating a self-registration link for easier user access. (Email to learn more.)

For more information about our response to COVID-19, visit We will regularly update this page as we continue our work to ensure and expand access to high-quality referrals.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll also share information about how we’re responding to the call by city and business leaders to function as part of the critical front-line response in some of our nation’s hardest hit regions.

Most importantly, we send our gratitude to everyone who is making sacrifices to serve during this crisis.

Thank you for your continued support,

Stacy Lindau, MD, MAPP, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Rachel Kohler, CEO