Whole Person Care
Made Easier

Powering Communities
With Knowledge

Better Access To The
Right Resources

Whole person care
made easier

We know that finding the right resources to take care of yourself and others is hard. We also know that what matters to you is just as important as what’s the matter with you.

At NowPow, we help people know where to go and build the connections to get them there.

Whole person care<br>made easier
Grounded in Science

Grounded in Science

NowPow’s founder, Dr. Stacy Lindau, is a practicing physician and scientist at the University of Chicago. She pioneered the idea of making e-prescribing community resources as easy as e-prescribing medication.

Dr. Lindau’s research showed the value of generating highly matched self care referrals for people with chronic conditions to reduce ER utilization and readmissions. Learn more about her ongoing research.

Grounded In Science

The self care
referral utility

You don’t need 10 different apps. NowPow offers a complete platform to create highly matched shared, tracked and coordinated referrals to close the loop on care. We e-prescribe for the entire risk spectrum of a community and for a wide array of basic needs and chronic conditions.

The self care <br>referral utility

Only With NowPow

Hyperlocal Resources

Hyperlocal Resources

We don’t waste people’s time. Personalization is at the heart of NowPow’s referral engine. This can only be done by making the resource information hyperlocal. NowPow indexes services with details about restrictions, eligibility, required documents, languages spoken and many other attributes. We generate referrals that reduce access barriers to make self care simpler.

Needs Identification

E-Prescribing “Community”

NowPow has powerful screening and segmentation tools to identify which type of referrals people need. We then use our matching logic and condition algorithms to serve up just the right services.

Seamless Workflows


Seamless workflows are our strength. We can do simple single sign-on projects and more complex EHR integrations or HIE connections. We direct workflows to save time, reduce decision fatigue and create joy for our users.

Deep Analytics


We know actionable insights drive value. NowPow has built an analytics architecture underneath the NowPow platform, generating data to measure process and outcome impact. Our analytics support data-driven decision making and evaluation at the customer level, network level and the community level.

Powering<br>Collective Care Networks

Collective Care Networks

We deliver collective care inside an organization and across an entire community. Our multi-sided platform connects all people and organizations involved in the self care referral process.

Powering Networks

Growing Impact

NowPow concentrates on connecting communities. We support over 22,000 care professionals serving over 7 million people. Our hyperlocal resources can be found in 14 states as well as District of Columbia today and we are constantly adding new geographies.

NowPow networks are growing in big cities like Chicago and New York, but also smaller communities like Trenton, New Jersey. While we work with many cornerstone health systems, health plans and their partners, we also work with networks to serve key populations like child welfare and opportunity youth.

We can support your community, network, health system, health plan or research or health training initiative in under 12 weeks so contact us for a demo.

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